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Gegen den Strom Paul von Heyse

Gegen den Strom

Paul von Heyse

Kindle Edition
233 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Paul Johann Ludwig von Heyse (15 March 1830 – 2 April 1914) was a distinguished German writer and translator. A member of two important literary societies, the Tunnel über der Spree in Berlin and Die Krokodile in Munich, he wrote novels, poetry, 177 short stories, and about sixty dramas. The sum of Heyses many and varied productions made him a dominant figure among German men of letters.Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1910 as a tribute to the consummate artistry, permeated with idealism, which he has demonstrated during his long productive career as a lyric poet, dramatist, novelist and writer of world-renowned short stories.