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One Team in Tallinn J Craig

One Team in Tallinn

J Craig

Published August 27th 2007
ISBN : 9781425138240
196 pages
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 About the Book 

Kenny Bradley just wants to watch Scotland wherever they play football, along with his wee pal Gus McSween. Unfortunately for Kenny a nasty little posh Scot by the name of Atholl McClackit wants to stop Kenny going to Scotland games. Permanently.On a journey through the 1998 world cup qualifiers held in Austria, Latvia and Estonia, Atholl tries to kill Kenny to ensure that he, Atholl, is the sole heir to the McClackit clan title. Kenny has no idea his real father is Dair McClackit, the perverted monarch of the glen or that his half brother is out to kill him.What Atholl doesnt know is Kennys father in law, Michael Harold MacMillan, is one of the hardest men in Glasgow. More importantly, Harold needs Kenny alive and well to help with the small matter of a jewel heist on the day of the Estonia v Scotland match, which is another thing Kenny knows nothing about. Kenny doesnt know the time of day never mind that all this mayhem is going on around him as Atholl attempts to ensure he is the next clan chief of the McClackits. As his pal Gus goes on a bender of epic proportions in the Baltics, Kenny stumbles on, picking his way round various corpses which appear as Atholls attempts to kill him off are inadvertently thwarted by members of the Tartan Army.Football, drink, sex and travel all come together in One Team in Tallinn, a trip to the Baltics with the Tartan Army youll never forget.