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League of Sarian Christine Brooks

League of Sarian

Christine Brooks

Kindle Edition
215 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The venerable Adena Tor has lost a relic. Not just any relic but one which will change the course of the war. As the casualties rise and the armies are beaten back, the Elders agree to the formation of a group of adventurers who will attempt to regain the relic against overwhelming odds. The most promising recruits are chosen, each of them having special abilities not seen in decades and the search is on.Follow Sarian and the others as they battle against the forces of the Defiler. New skills are taught to them along the way but will all of this be enough? Can the quest group find and hold the relic which they seek long enough to return it? Will betrayals from within damage the New World Alliance beyond recovery? Can the League of Sarian triumph over evil?